Causes of a Heart Attack

A heart attack is an unstoppable medical emergency that involves the blockage of blood flow to the heart usually by a blood clot. It event is sudden, and without an urgent medical care, the event can lead to death. The sudden blockage of blood flow to the heart means that the heart will not have blood to pump to all the body parts.

These can lead to serious damage to the blood muscles and blood vessels. The first symptom of heart attack is chest pains. The pains feel to be from inside especially on the left side of the chest. The chest pains are as a result of regularly contraction of blood vessels.

The chest pains are accompanied by severe difficulty in breathing.

Most people experience incomplete and short breaths. A heart attack is treatable and also preventable at very early stages. It may become death causing if the symptoms are not noticed early enough. What are the common causes of a heart attack?

Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease is the highest known cause of heart attack. This is a simply the defects of coronary arteries. Coronary arteries are the main blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to all the parts of the body. These arteries can develop a defect. The main defect is the deposition of fats and cholesterol on the inside and outside of the arteries.

Before a heart attack, one of the raptures probably bursts open. This leads to a clot of blood around the raptured place. Depending on the size of the clot, it can block the supply of blood to the heart. This can lead to a heart attack. Fat depositions are not the only cause of coronary heart disease. Smoking is also a major cause of heart attack. High blood pressure can also lead to coronary heart disease. Patients diagnosed with diabetes are also very prone to coronary heart disease.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a major cause of heart attack. In the olden day, a heart attack was believed to be diseases of the aged people. Recently a large number of young people have been diagnosed with a heart attack. Most of this young people have also been found to be drug addicts. How does drug abuse increase the risk of heart attack? Hard drugs like cocaine and mandrax cause the blood vessel to narrow. This is because of the high stimulates the drug. One the blood vessels narrows, this leads to high blood pressure. High blood pressure leads to heart attack.

Lack of Oxygen in the Blood

A condition where the blood is not properly oxygenated is called hypoxia. It is a condition that can lead to sudden death as a result of heart. If the levels of oxygen in the blood are low or zero, this is commonly caused by the poisoning of air by carbon monoxide. The heart will receive this blood and fail to oxygenate it. The heart muscles require oxygen to operate. This condition leads to sudden damage to the heart muscles. The condition can be permanent. This trigger a heart attack.